Clinical packaging and labelling machine with a reel of labels being produced.

Clinical labelling and packaging

Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Services has dedicated suites and automation capability at our facility for the labelling and packaging of your drug products for clinical trials and niche commercial markets worldwide.

Close up of vial being sterilised

Supporting your supply chain

Ensuring that your final drug product is correctly labelled, packaged, shipped and stored can be a significant logistical challenge. Managing this alongside clinical trials adds additional risk as any delays at this stage can have a significant impact on the timeline for your candidate.

View of vials entering clinical labelling and packaging machinery

What we do

Once your drug product has been manufactured, we take care of preparing it for clinical or commercial use or can manage this process with your chosen partners. Our efficient clinical trial packaging and labeling service enables us to manage the supply chain logistics of your project and ensure that your product is delivered to your chosen location globally.

We offer exactly what you need – specialist facilities for controlled temperature and humidity storage of your medicinal product and our in-house labelling and packaging capabilities include design and sourcing services.

Our clinical packaging and labeling capabilities

  • Open-label studies
  • Non-clinical packaging
  • Manual or automated product label application with full QA oversight
  • QA and QP review including certification to ensure timely release of your product

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Fill-finish expertise in handling the most complex of products

We have extensive experience in taking precious, complex drug products from manufacture to QP release.