Symbiosis scientist wearing full PPE loading a tray of vials into the lyophiliser


Symbiosis Pharma Services can integrate lyophilisation (freeze drying) or gas overlay to liquid fill options as part of aseptic filling processes within our GMP facility.

Vials in tray being loaded into lyophiliser during peptide manufacturing

Extensive experience integrating lyophilisation

Lyophilisation is often favoured as a manufacturing step across biopharmaceuticals and small molecule drugs alike due to its contribution to product stability and handling. However, integrating a lyophilisation step should not be a last-minute decision, as development timelines can take several months.

Symbiosis scientist wearing full PPE equipment loading vials into lyophiliser

What we do

Symbiosis has extensive experience in offering lyophilisation services as part of aseptic filling for small molecules and biopharmaceuticals such as mAbs.

Whether the lyophilisation cycle has been fully developed and is ready to be transferred or our expert team needs to assist with the development or optimisation of the cycle, we are experienced in handling a range of technical lyophilisation challenges directly, or in partnership with our trusted network.

Hands of a small molecule scientist pushing a tray of vials into a lyophiliser

Our lyophilisation contract manufacturing capabilities

We have two fully independent Tofflon lyophilisers contained within individual GMP manufacturing suites offering the following capabilities:

Our capabilities

  • Lyophilisation cycles accommodated up to and beyond 72 hours
  • Dispersal of up to 100 litres of bulk product per batch
  • From a single tray up to 45 Gore Lyoguard trays per cycle to meet your needs
  • Inert gas overlays for both lyophilised and liquid products

Need expert support handling a technical lyophilisation challenge?

Contact us to discuss how Symbiosis can help.

Fill-finish expertise in handling the most complex of products

We have extensive experience in taking precious, complex drug products from manufacture to QP release.