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Small Molecules

Symbiosis has provided GMP manufacturing across a wide range of small-molecule applications.

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You are in safe hands

Many small-molecule pharmaceuticals cannot be terminally sterilized using heat or irradiation, requiring aseptic manufacturing processes. Highly-potent molecules may also call for specialist handling requirements within a containment environment.

Symbiosis scientist wearing full PPE equipment loading vials into lyophiliser

Our experience

Throughout our history, we have provided GMP aseptic manufacturing services for small molecule projects, and our dedicated containment suites are equipped to handle highly-potent drugs across the entire filling process.

Gain rapid access to our manufacturing suites to accelerate your small molecule projects and ensure your timelines aren’t missed.

Small molecule drugs

Generally defined as having a molecular mass of fewer than 900 Daltons, the majority of pharmaceuticals are classified as small molecule drugs. These are frequently administered orally for absorption through the stomach or intestine, but can also be administered topically, through inhalation, or via parenteral injection.


Small molecule drugs are often tolerant to terminal sterilization, and may not require an aseptic manufacturing approach if administered parenterally. However, many small molecules cannot tolerate terminal sterilization by heat or irradiation, requiring aseptic manufacturing.

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We have extensive experience in taking precious, complex drug products from manufacture to QP release.