Aseptic filling

Aseptic filling

Biologic therapies often cannot be terminally sterilised and must be manufactured in an aseptic process. Symbiosis is fully licensed for the sterile filling of liquid and lyophilised investigational and commercial products.

Aseptic filling and manufacture is at the heart of what we do.

Gloved hand reaching for a drug product vial being filled.

Ensuring ultimate quality and safety

Production and purification of your bulk drug substance takes a lot of effort and time. However, consideration must also be given to how this drug will be delivered to the patient. Aseptic filling of sterile drugs remains one of the most critical processes in biopharmaceutical manufacturing Given the potential safety impact of parenteral administration, often in already compromised patients, aseptic fill and finish require stringent measures to ensure ultimate quality and safety.

Vials being aligned in tray for pharmaceutical product development

What we do

Symbiosis has extensive experience in supporting therapy innovators with the complex process of aseptic filling into vials. We have helped many clients with a range of modalities from conventional small molecule, to cytotoxic, biologic and viral vector products.

We give you exactly what you need – rapid access to manufacturing slots and quick release of drug product to ensure that your tight timelines are met.

Vial being capped by Symbiosis pharmaceutical scientist

Our fill-finish capabilities

We specialise in liquid filling of vials at clinical and low volume commercial scale. We bring our flexible manufacturing approach to deliver your product within the tight timelines.

Our capabilities

  • Typical filling into 2ml – 100ml vials
  • Custom container closure systems considered – contact us to discuss
  • Bulk volume up to 60 litres
  • Batch sizes from 100 to 3000 vials
  • Specialised handling, including temperature controlled liquid filling
  • High potency and cytotoxic API handling
  • BSL-2 capabilities for viral vector applications

Looking for rapid access to aseptic manufacturing slots and quick release of drug product?

Contact us to discuss how Symbiosis can help.

Fill-finish expertise in handling the most complex of products

We have extensive experience in taking precious, complex drug products from manufacture to QP release.