QC Testing Laboratory

QC Testing Laboratory

Our purpose build, quality control testing laboratory is now operational. After successful MHRA inspection, we can manage all of your analytical and microbial testing needs. Symbiosis can facilitate your batch from planning, manufacture, labelling, packaging and QC all in one convenient location.

Developing tailored testing strategies

Developing tailored testing strategies

To ensure the highest levels of quality are maintained, your product must be tested at several stages across the manufacturing process. Your analytical testing strategy should be tailored to your input materials and manufacturing process. Analytical testing, especially  microbial testing, can take a number of weeks.

What we do

What we do

Symbiosis can support your development of a tailored analytical testing strategy for both manufacturing and stability. We can manage all of your analytical and microbial testing needs either internally or through our proven network of qualified CRO partners.

From the testing of raw materials, right through to in-process controls, final product release and stability – Symbiosis has you covered.

Symbiosis Quality Control Testing Capabilities

Testing to be supported by Symbiosis’ in-house QC testing laboratory


Type of Test Available
Appearance (Colour, clarity and visible
Sub-visible Particles
Loss on Drying
Container Closure Integrity
Extractable Volume
UV spectrophotometry
Wet Chemistry

MHRA licence granted following a £1M Investment

Streamline your drug manufacturing program with our integrated QC testing capabilities. The new laboratories will offer dedicated in-house microbiology and analytical testing capabilities, and sterility testing, to supplement the existing broad range of sub-contracted tests. In addition, Symbiosis will…

MHRA licence granted following a £1M Investment

Proven Track Record

Demonstrated history of delivering on promises

Experienced Staff

A seasoned team with a wealth of industry knowledge

MHRA Success and Experience

A history of excellence in MHRA interactions

Effective project management process

Streamlined processes to meet timelines

Quick time slots for small batch sizes

Swift turnaround for small-scale production


Adapting to industry dynamics and client needs

Quality Control Laboratory Brochure

Our Quality Control laboratory services have been implemented, equipped and qualified to comply with international standards. We will work with you as part of your team to not only provide comprehensive quality data, but also timely and effective solutions to any challenges that you face. Download our capabilities brochure to understand our capabilities in details.

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Fill-finish expertise in handling the most complex of products

We have extensive experience in taking precious, complex drug products from manufacture to QP release.

E-Book: Ensuring sterility and customized solutions

E-Book: Ensuring sterility and customized solutions

Monitoring and control at every stage of the parenteral manufacturing process is vital for maintaining product quality, safety, and compliance with stringent regulations. We explore the vital role of QC testing in depth in our QC e-book.

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