Q&A: Cell and Gene Processing Moves Forward through ‘Experiential Learning’

Gloved hands of a biologics CMO scientist removing a vial from the automatic crimper

Colin MacKay, CEO of Symbiosis Pharmaceutical Services, recently took part in a Q&A interview with BioPharma-Reporter, discussing how increased manufacturing demand for cell and gene therapies is driving the growth of the viral vector supply market and the challenges that are still to be addressed.

The growing prevalence of cell and gene therapies in both the clinical and the commercial side of the biopharmaceutical industry is leading to increased demand for viral vectors, with companies within the contract manufacturing sector building their capacity to meet clients’ needs.

BioPharma-Reporter spoke to Colin about how companies in this sector are addressing the rising demand, how the lack of capacity is affecting the industry, and what are the other challenges that manufacturers face.

You can read the full Q&A here.

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