Symbiosis Meet the Team: No.1 Alison Clayton – Head of Analytical Services

Symbiosis Meet the Team: No.1 Alison Clayton – Head of Analytical Services

In the first in a new series, we meet Symbiosis’ Head of Analytical Services, Alison Clayton and uncover her role and where she sees the company progressing and the broader industry.


Alison, you have been at Symbiosis for over 9 months, how have you found it so far?

It’s been great so far. Looking back at my remit in November 2021 and now seeing the laboratory almost built I am amazed at how quickly everything has happened. The company moves quickly on decisions with a fantastic team who are all engaged in supporting the success of the project.

What brought you to Symbiosis? 

I have worked in the Life Sciences industry in Scotland for almost 30 years and I knew Colin from a previous role. When the company I was working at previously was unsuccessful in securing investor funding, Colin contacted me to ask what I was going to do. Having not yet made up my mind, Colin presented a compelling vision for Symbiosis that engaged me and I was excited to be part of. Having worked for various larger organisations over the years e.g. Quintiles and Eurofins working for a smaller fast-growing company was a challenging prospect.

What are you working on presently?

I am working on the new Analytical Services laboratory. This has been designed and is now in the process of being built with the handover anticipated for the 11th of October. Currently, Symbiosis outsource all their testing requirements and this capability will allow us to undertake our own testing in-house.

Alongside building the lab we have procured equipment and designed processes to support the new service offering which will support future manufacturing activities. We are anticipating being ready to start testing in Q1 2023.

Why is having Analytical testing capabilities in-house important ?

This capability will allow Symbiosis to better control delivery timelines for customers and prioritise based on project needs.

What makes Symbiosis stand out in the CMO market space?

The ability to respond quickly to customer requirements alongside flexibility and knowledge on how to deliver a project successfully. Symbiosis also has robust long-term customer relationships which allow us to be responsive to changing needs.

Finally, if you could give any advice to potential clients, what would it be?

Finding a true partner that you can trust and will work with you to deliver your project is key.


To find out more about Symbiosis’ analytical testing capabilities, contact us today.

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